ME&O Hiistory

The ME&O is depicted on my around the walls LAYOUT It consisits of 2-- 9 1/2 ft legs ( sides) and 2- 6 1/2 ft legs ( rear and a front duckunder)

Why the ME&O?---Because the owners my wife and I live in Oreland --She is originally from Muncy and I from Eckley ( Now the home of the Pennsylvania Miners Museum and the filming site for the movie "The Molley McGuires in 1969)

The ME&O was strictly a small freight carrier when it operated as a scheduled RR ---1946-1958.

It operated in areas that were not viable for the major lines to service with short consists

The ME&O operated on other RR branch lines with several small sections of its own tracks
Although the ME&O occassionally pulled cars from the other main carriers in the area ,ME&O cars only operated behind ME&O engines

The line originated in Eckely headed west and arrived at its terminal station in Muncy
Along the entire routeshort lines existed to the smaller coal / ore mines , industrial areas and towns .
Occassional runs were made south from Eckley to Oreland where several quarries existed

Even with adding a diesel continuing to operate past 1958 was economically prohibitive especially since the modern Freeways made trucking the main short line merchandise carrier so the ME&O as freight carrier was disbanded in late 1958

In 2010 the ME&O was reborn as a FanFare Line

The FanFare tracks exist from Oreland to Eckley.
It is a 2 hour ride with a 2 hour layover in Eckley allowing passengers to visit the Miners Museum and walk around the refurbished town
Two Fan Fare trips a day are scheduled on all weekends, except Thomas Day weekends when only Thomas runs..
A train leaves at 9:00 AM with 34 FT restored Overton passenger cars pulled by an old time 4-4-0

and a train leaves at 10:00 AM with 50 Ft restored Overland passengers cars pulled by a modern 4-4-0

Lunch is provided on the return leg for the 9:00 AM trip and on the outbound leg for the 10:AM trip

Thomas Tank Engine Days are a twice a year -Memorial Weekend and Labor Day weekend--occurance . Thomas runs on a short 5 mile loop so that multiple trains can be scheduled
First train leaves at 9:00 AM and 10 hourly trips are scheduled running every 45 minutes till 4:00PM

On FanFare weekends during the busy vacation time --July&August -- we also run a Conrail Memory Consist with a GP40 pulling a boxcar for each of the RRs in the Conrail Lineage.
This train uses the same short loop as the Thomas train and 5 trains are run on the hour starting at 11:00 AM
The cars are open and for those wanting to hobo the ride---No complaints wiil be made to the authorities.

1. Train personel and passengers have reported seeing an eastern version of BIGFOOT during passage through the heavily forrested Poconos
So be on the lookout you may catch a glimpse of the Big Guy

2. On the leg trough the PA Athracite region the train stops so the passenegers can see the ANTHRACITE MONOLITH ---the most unique geologoical feature in the east
An outward eruption of the earth millions of years ago pushed a large section of pure anthracite coal up to the surface
It is the only know instance of anthracite surface coal in the shape of a huge monolith
It is a protected State Monument and any attempt at mining it is illegal

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