I doubt there was anyone skinnier than my brother Tom and I (Bob) when we started bodybuilding.
We both took after our father who was a very thin six footer
Our youngest brother Ed was also on the thin side but not quite like we were
I was the one that bought the weights starting with a York BIG TEN and then a York BIG TWELVE and later had a customer in the drug store where I worked part time donate 2 more sets
As you can see it may have been my idea but Tom and Ed went a lot longer in training than I did



Back in the Dark Ages 53-58

Bob and Tom trained as follows

********Full body workout 3 times a week**********
1 exercise per body part-- 3 sets 8-10 reps-- Each set to failure
Rest 4-5 minutes between sets or what ever it took to get the same reps on the next set-- When you could get 10 reps two workouts in a row add weight and go back to 8

If we hit a sticking point we went to a 6-8 rep scheme or changed exercise type

We took summers off --too hot in a cinderblock garage with black roof that was an oven by evening

There was no way that we took in 2 grams of protein per pound and were lucky if it was even close to 1 gram and you can see we only had 1 day rest twice a week and 2 days once a week
Hoffman's Protein Powder (50% protein) at $4 a 4lb box ( $32 in today's prices ) was a luxury
Ginos--McDonalds--KFC --etc with cheap protein were not around and a pizza with a quart of beer between the 2 of us was a Friday night treat

I went from 128 lbs at 6 ft 1/4 to 176 and was still making gains with Negligible BF increase in a total of 37 months total training
I never got a before picture but did get one after I had gained 9 lbs. Also I never took pictures at my highest weight which occurred in the winter of 57/58
Quit lifting end of SR in college --Big Mistake and lost a lot over the years

My brother Tom went from 5- 9 1/2 116 lbs to 6- 1 1/2 at 187 in about 50 months total training
He kept going and lifted in the Air Force and eventually hit 210 but wasn't as defined


Ed didn't train in our garage as it had been coverted back into a real garage by the time he got interested in weight training
Ed joined one of the only two commercial gyms in all of Philadelphia at the time "John Fritsches"
Three Mr Americas --Jules Bacon--George Eiferman --John Farbotnick --all got their start training under Fritsche

I can't comment on exactly how he trained but I am sure it was similar to what we did as mentioned above

Tom and Ed in later years married with kids---Hadn't trained in over 6 years