RCP Cards&Covers

During my 14th and 15th years in addition to being an avid sports fan I collected baseball and football cards. This was done the old fashioned way by buying individual packs and by trading with other collectors. As I entered my 16th year it became apparent , at least in my case, that the only other collectors that I was able to find to trade with were 12 and under. Unfortunately this led me to abandon my collecting because it was something " Kids Did ". But fortunately I did keep my complete series of Bowman 1950 baseball and football and 1951 baseball cards.

Borders have been whitened and card edges sharpened and picture centered if needed for internet presentation

I also have scanned the covers of SPORT MAGAZINE from Dec 50 to Feb 59,
I ended my subscription when I left for Recruit Training in the U.S. Navy.