February Snow
Bobby Bare's "February Snow" kept echoing in my head while I was shoveling

December's Precursor 8 inches ( gone in a week with the rain )

Round One FEB 6th---14 Inches

Round Two February 10th---16 Inches

Night head start
Next morning making progress

February 16th----Aftershock

Just as it started to really melt by the 24th
They scheduled another for the 25th

Round 3 February 25th --Only 5 " This time--1 1/2 hours shoveling --Practice makes perfect

Since it was only 5" I did the widow nextdoor's driveway (5" plus remnants of the last 2)

Would you believe Al Gore helped me shovel all 4 February snows
Nah--I didn't think you would

Better not get any snow in March--Because I don't have any country songs about March Snow
and who can cope with life without an appropriate country song for the situation

Well March has arrived and so far so good
March 7th

In reality shoveling was not the biggest problem --The real problem is my Baby

stays dirty for so long

And Mother Nature did it again in 2011