The most satisfying, and practical if a hobby is to be practical , of My Hobbies is cabinet making. ,
Except for the sofa, love seat and recliner,I completely furnished our home, including the kitchen cabinets.
I have used oak, cherry, walnut, maple , pine and popular
However I lean towards oak as my brother has 12 aches, mainly trees and a ready supply of oak boards which he planes down for me and oak plywood is readily available
I build from plans ( Woodsmith--Woodworkers Journal-- etc ) and free form--about 50/50.
Tools include a table saw, chop saw. band saw. several routers and router table, small drill press, orbital/belt sanders, bisquit joiner and common hand tools
However most of my more complicated projects were built when I only had the table saw ,router and belt sanders and glued up the flat pieces ( preplywood use except for 1/4 frame panels)

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